Our Services

Using highly qualified, multi-disciplinarily teams and custom designed, fully equipped vehicles, SATS provides a wide range of services to both the public and private healthcare sectors. SATS operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to anywhere across the UK and mainland Europe.

Critical Care & High Dependency Transfers

Inter-hospital transfers of critically-ill patients from the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and High Dependency Unit (HDU) remains the core focus of our service. Each transfer is managed depending on the nature of the underlying illness, co-morbidity, level of dependency and risk of deterioration during transfer. Our approach to the safe transfer of the critically ill is that the standard of care and monitoring during the transfer should be at least as good, if not better, than that of the referring hospital or base unit.

At SATS, we have a dedicated team of experienced Registered Nurses as part of the crew to undertake this area of specialised transport. Their knowledge, experience and training ensure clinical safety at every stage of the transfer. Each dedicated ambulance is equipped with the following:

  • Portable mechanical ventilators with the ability to supply positive end expiratory pressure (PEEP) and variable inspired oxygen concentration (FIO2), inspiratory/expiratory (I/E) ratio, respiratory rate and tidal volume
  • Wireless patient monitoring to support continuous cardiac rhythm (ECG) monitoring, non-invasive blood pressure, Oxygen saturation (SaO2), End tidal carbon dioxide (in ventilated patients and temperature
  • Piped Oxygen and Medical Air with Schrader valve
  • DC/AC power inverters (350+ watts) with 4 way power supply to eliminate the risk of battery failure
  • Portable wall mounted suction device

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Neonatal & Paediatric Transfers

It may be necessary to move neonates to a different unit from where they were born for more specialist care. SATS provides a neonatal transfer service to ongoing neonatal care before and during the journey.

SATS further undertakes transfers of neonates back to their local unit (elective transfers), transfers for tests/investigations not available at the local unit and also when the local unit has insufficient capacity to care for the infant.

Our neonatal service aims to deliver a high quality, equitable, safe and effective service achieving the highest quality outcomes for premature and sick new-borns and their families. Clinical expertise is a key factor in determining the quality of the outcomes for the baby and the family.

Each dedicated ambulance is equipped with the following:

  • BabyPOD II incubator with temperature regulation using the Draeger Infant Transwarmer Mattress
  • BabyPAC neonatal and paediatric ventilator
  • Piped oxygen (with neonatal flow meters 0.01 – 0.1)
  • Medical air when required for the transfer of neonates requiring continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP)
  • Thermostat controlled Eperspacher heating (eliminating the risk of Normothermia)
  • Paediatric Advanced Life Support emergency bag
  • Wireless patient monitoring to support disposable neonatal Spo2 monitoring, neonatal ECG monitoring, blood pressure monitoring and continuous temperature recording

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Patient Transport Services

With a dedicated fleet of ambulances, Stretcher MPV’s and Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles, our non-emergency patient transport service is tailored to the individual’s needs with emphasis on attention to detail, patient care and assurance.

SATS works with a number of NHS Trusts, Local Authorities and residential care homes across London to provide non-emergency patient transport for patients attending hospital or clinic appointments. Our service is customised to suit the needs of each and every patient as we understand that the requirements differ in terms of the individual and their needs, the geographical area and how we can offer the most suitable mode of transport.

Our Emergency Care Assistants (ECAS), trained in comprehensive first aid, advanced driving and patient moving and handling techniques, understand the importance of an efficient and timely service that provides specialist patient transportation.

Our vehicles are designed for ease of use with the ability to adapt according to the patient’s requirements. Examples of specific non-emergency patient transfers we carry out are as follows:

  • Standard outpatient appointments - Walking, stretcher or wheelchair patients conveyed into hospital and home again from a contracting trust/PCT site
  • Extra contractual journeys (ECJ) - Ad-hoc journeys not covered within a non-emergency patient transport service contract. These journeys may be standard outpatient appointments carried out on behalf of non-contracting sites, or specific journeys not covered within a contract. For example, long-distance transfers out of London
  • DNAR transfers – Trained staff to transfer patients who do not wish to be resuscitated to, or from, a treatment centre or hospice
  • Humanitarian transfers - Transfer of patients to hospices, typically from hospital, as part of their end of care programme

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Private Patient Transfers

SATS has established itself as a renowned private ambulance service with a long standing reputation for providing first class treatment to private patients. Patients, consultants, medical and surgical ward staff, along with international medical authorities choose to come to us with full knowledge of our exclusive quality of service.

SATS covers a whole range of healthcare transportation needs, from fundamental out-patient appointments to the treatment of conditions requiring complex care, including critical care:

  • Acute Admission – Consultant-approved emergency or urgent admission to an acute admissions unit in one of London’s established private hospitals,
  • Inter-Hospital Transfer – The immediate transfer of acutely unwell, critical care or high dependency patients between private hospitals for specialist care and intervention
  • Consultant Appointments – A tailored transport solution for a pre-planned consultant appointment with a dedicated crew throughout the appointment
  • Residential Discharge – An effective transfer to a residential property by exclusive stretcher or wheelchair ambulance
  • Day surgery admission and discharge - Pre–booked transfer by stretcher or wheelchair to and from a day surgery case
  • Respite care and rehabilitation – Tailored discharge from hospital for respite care or rehabilitation centres following an operation, invasive treatment or surgery

Our highly experienced clinical staff offer first class medical expertise complemented by real dedication and compassion. Our vehicles are highly maintained, clean and modern whilst being equipped with the latest innovations for ambulances.

SATS holds excellent links with Health Insurance Services and will liaise with them on the patient’s behalf to access and process payment for its service.

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As a trusted supplier to medical insurance partners internationally, SATS has built a reputation for the retrieval and repatriation of patients in the UK and abroad by road, commercial aircraft and air ambulance.

Situated in the middle of London's airport network, SATS maintains excellent road links with all of the capital’s renowned commercial airports and private aviation handling agents, offering unique repatriation services to anywhere in the UK.

For air ambulance charter, all SATS vehicles are comprehensively insured to access airside areas to retrieve patients directly from any aircraft and our staff are fully trained on airside safety and equipment use, ensuring the safe transfer from aircraft to ambulance. With our understanding of early arrivals and/or late departures, our operations team ensure high levels of communication between all parties to avoid further delays or unexpected waiting time.

At the aircraft, SATS is able to take full clinical handover of the patient to ensure the continuity of patient care to the destination hospital. For critical care cases, SATS adopts a flexible working approach to work alongside the accompanying air ambulance medical team, offering a transport solution for their onward destination.

SATS holds key relationships with partners across Europe and the Middle-East to organise a bed-to-bed repatriation offering full medical case management throughout. Dependent on the condition of the patient, SATS can offer a flight doctor and flight nurse to escort. In certain medical cases whereby a sea level cabin is required, SATS can offer this service as well.

Where repatriation by air is not permitted or not an option, SATS has on hand experience of repatriation by road ambulance from Europe. Meticulous planning by our operations team ensures a safe journey strictly bound by a thought out itinerary. All SATS vehicles hold European insurance and roadside cover.

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Event Medical Cover

SATS offers HCPC Paramedics and IHCD Technicians to provide event medical cover for a wide number of high profile venues and sporting events including rugby, football, equestrian and motor sports. SATS provides cover for many prestigious events, such as pitch side rescue to English Premier League football matches, NFL games at Wembley Stadium, rugby tournaments and event first aid medical cover to a number of prominent universities.

To enquire about event medical cover, please complete the Event Cover Request.

Our Events team will liaise directly throughout the planning process to provide a full health and safety risk assessment, necessary to ensure that the event operates safely under the guidance of experienced, fully trained, uniformed and DBS cleared staff.