Our Vehicles

SATS operates a fleet of vehicles, all of which have been specifically designed to ensure patient safety and maximum comfort whilst being equipped to the highest standard. The fleet consists of a number of vehicles, all customised to operate in line with our services.

All equipment on the vehicles is securely stowed /mounted to prevent injury to both patients and staff. Additionally, there is a provision to secure additional equipment that may accompany the patient. All electrical equipment in the vehicles is placed on permanent charge when stowed to avoid equipment failure.

All SATS vehicles are standardised to the following guidelines:

  • Wipe down interiors in line with strict infection control procedures
  • Fitted with vehicle tracking and telecoms devices
  • Fitted with privacy glass for patient dignity
  • Internal lighting and thermostat controlled temperature regulation
  • Comprehensively insured for the conveyance of passengers

ITU Emergency Ambulance

SATS’s fleet of adaptable ambulances is equipped to transfer critical care, high dependency, paediatric and neonatal ICU patients. They are designed and built to the highest specification for easy and safe use whilst transferring patients.

Each ambulance is retro-fitted with Premier Hazard LED light bars inclusive of rear reds, alley lamps, grille-wing-rear LEDs and multi-tone sirens for the safe transfer of critical patients.

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Stretcher MPV

SATS Stretcher MPVs provide a more comfortable journey for non-emergency private patients where a conventional ambulance is not required. The customised Mercedes-Benz Viano MPV is fitted with an electronic self-loading Stryker stretcher operated by the Stryker Power-LOAD system. The Stretcher MPV is able to accommodate stretcher-bound patients with additional leather armchair seating for family and medical staff and is perfectly suited for minor injuries or simply comfort for the elderly and disabled for long and short journeys in the UK as well as repatriations to and from mainland Europe.

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Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

SATS Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAV) have been converted to accommodate a single wheelchair with a bi-fold access ramp. The vehicle, tailored to our exact requirements, is a highly versatile and durable vehicle appropriate for increasing demand in non-emergency patient transport services.

The vehicle improves the patient experience by means of comfort and accessibility with the new Bi-Link suspension ensuring a smooth ride. The WAV's attributes of a comfortable interior, roominess, accessibility, low-running costs, environmentally-friendly engines and safety make it a step up within our fleet.

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